Super Easy Corn and Zucchini Salad {that can also be used as a pizza topping!}

Super easy 5 ingredient corn and zucchini salad from @sweetphi

During the summer months corn and zucchini are always in abundance, and what better to make than a super easy corn and zucchini salad that can also be used as a pizza topping? This dish is super versatile and comes together in a flash! Ok, I have to tell you, today’s recipe is one of… 

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Strawberries and cream ice box pie from @sweetphi

Strawberries and Cream Icebox Pie

Next time you're looking for a summer dessert that everyone is sure to love, look no further than this strawberries and cream icebox pie. It is a true summer staple, the icebox pie is made with fresh summer strawberries and then has a creamy filling that cools to be almost like an ice cream cake, it's an all around amazing pie, … [Read More...]

Orange and vanilla bourbon root beer floats from @sweetphi

Orange Vanilla Bourbon Root Beer Floats

Sip on these orange vanilla bourbon root beer floats and feel like a kid again with the nostalgic flavors of a root beer float! Made with rich orange and vanilla extracts from Nielsen-Massey, these adult floats will be your new favorite summer cocktail. Ah summertime, sweet summertime. Gentle breezes, the smell of … [Read More...]

Hood River Farm Tour through the Hood River Valley Fruit Loop

OXO GreenSaver Produce Keeper, a Salad Recipe, and Hood River Farm Tour Recap

Can you feel the freshness? Today's post is all about freshness, I'm sharing with you a cool new product, the OXO GreenSaver Produce Keeper, a salad recipe, and a recap of the Hood River Farm Tour with OXO and Travel Oregon I got to experience a few weeks ago when I attended the #IndulgeConPDX (a food blogging conference that I … [Read More...]

Sweet and spicy vegetable and beef kabobs recipe from @sweetphi

Sweet & Spicy Beef Kabobs AND an Indoor Searing Grill Giveaway!

Made with simple ingredients, these sweet and spicy beef and vegetable kabobs are a delicious, yet super easy to make meal and were made using a Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill, which I'm doing a giveaway of! Here in Milwaukee, WI where I live, we have really interesting weather. One second it will be pouring rain, the … [Read More...]

Salted honey blondies from @sweetphi

Salted Honey Blondies

Enjoy these salted honey blondies as the perfect dessert for summer (or really the perfect dessert for any time of year, they just make me think of sunshine and outdoors!) The light flavor of honey comes from using Honeycomb cereal in the batter as well as real honey, and is finished off by a nice hint of sea salt, making it the … [Read More...]

5 ingredient-10 minute-breakfast sandwiches from @sweetphi

10 Minute Breakfast Sandwiches

Have a super delicious breakfast but don't take any time away from your weekend plans with these 5 ingredient, 10 minute breakfast sandwiches! Weekends are meant for lounging around and being lazy, right? But that's not usually what happens (at least in my house). Weekends are packed with a million to-do's, and breakfast … [Read More...]

Slow cooker ribs with homemade bbq sauce

Slow Cooker Ribs with Homemade BBQ Sauce

Enjoy ribs at any time of the year with this recipe for slow cooker ribs with homemade BBQ sauce! Slathered with this special homemade bbq sauce and slow cooked for hours, no one will be able to resist these ribs! And more than anything, it is so cool that one can make ribs in a slow cooker/crock pot and just do it … [Read More...]

Green beans beef and tomatoes

5 Ingredient Green Beans Beef and Tomatoes

Looking for a super easy and delicious dinner? I've got you covered with this 5 ingredient green beans, beef and tomatoes, this week's five ingredient Friday! I'm back in the kitchen after traveling (see my recommendations of 5 places to eat in Portland and my Taste15 experience overview here) and it feels so good! Green … [Read More...]

Sweet and smokey italian sausage pasta with kale and peppers

Sweet and Smokey Sausage Pasta with Kale and Peppers

Enjoy this sweet and smoky sausage pasta with kale and peppers any night of the week or for a special treat whenever the weather is gloomy, this pasta dish will comfort you! #ad If it’s cold outside and you ask me what I want to eat, the answer will always be the same: pasta! There’s just something warm and comforting about a … [Read More...]

Taste15-unearthing the art and science of food

TASTE15: Unearthing the Art and Science of Food {Recap Pt. 1}

It's been a whirlwind last couple of weeks. I just got back from vacation, at the end of which I got to be a part of TASTE15: Unearthing the Art and Science of Food, a food blogger trip hosted by Best Food Facts. Before I even went I knew it was going to be amazing, but I didn't know exactly HOW amazing! We got to have dinner on … [Read More...]