Roasted Potato and Kohlrabi Salad

Roasted potato and kohlrabi salad from @sweetphi

Make this delicious roasted potato and kohlrabi salad as the perfect side dish to any meal, with hints of garlic, lemon zest, and fresh herbs, this dish will become a side dish favorite! With summer in full swing, it seems like things just keep getting busier and busier. From traveling to family get togethers-it doesn’t… 

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Bentonville, AR

24 Hours in Bentonville, AR {an unexpected art destination}

Sometimes one is pleasantly surprised when one visits a new city, and that is exactly what happened when I spent 24 hours in Bentonville, AR and found that it was an unexpected art destination. This past week  I went on a little trip to Arkansas, it was the second trip as part of the TASTE15: Unearthing the Art and … [Read More...]

Fruit punch recipe from @sweetphi

What to do with leftover fruits {and a fruit punch recipe}

What happens when you have a ton of leftover watermelon, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries? Being that fruits are currently in season, it is so easy to go wild with some fruit purchases. I can’t even count how many times I’ve bought an abundance of summer delectable and then realized they have been sitting in … [Read More...]

Cookie crumble iced coffee from Cosmo snapchat

That time I tried to make cookie crumble iced coffee from Cosmo’s snapchat

Today's post is a funny one, appropriately called "that time I tried to make cookie crumble iced coffee from Cosmo's snapchat"... the imperative word being 'tried' ...because after following the directions and feeling super proud of myself and expecting a delicious cookie crumble iced coffee (sounds amazing, doesn't it?) the end … [Read More...]

Harissa and citrus baked salmon from @sweetphi

Harissa and Citrus Baked Salmon

This incredibly delicious harissa and citrus baked salmon comes together in 20 minutes and is perfect for dinner and lunches during the busy work week! Soooooo, I always have grandiose plans of doing meal prep on the weekends - of having everything ready to go so that during the week all I have to do is take a tupperwear … [Read More...]

Porterhouse steak with a white bean leek mushroom and potato hash from @sweetphi

Porterhouse steak with a white bean, leek, mushroom and potato hash

Enjoy this beautiful and rich cut of meat, the porterhouse steak with a white bean, leek, mushroom and potato hash for the perfect date night in! Whenever I’m faced with giant pieces of steak (like the poterhouse cut of steak), I always think of the character Ron Swanson from the TV show Parks and Recreation saying ‘I … [Read More...]

Basil lemonade - the most refreshing summer drink - recipe from @sweetphi

Basil Lemonade

This basil lemonade is the most refreshing and delicious twist on a classic nostalgic summertime drink, perfect for all those hot days ahead! When you think of a summer drink, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Hands raised if you said lemonade, because that's the first thing I always think of (I know my hand … [Read More...]

Three bean and steak salad from @sweetphi

Three Bean and Steak Salad

When you're looking for a heartier cold dish look no further than this three bean and steak salad. Featuring seared steak and a tangy mustard vinaigrette, this salad is best served cold making it perfect for those hot summer days. Summer is in full swing, and with it come all the joys of soaring temperatures. Even on the … [Read More...]

Easy watermelon salsa recipe from @sweetphi

Watermelon Salsa Recipe

This refreshing watermelon salsa recipe is the perfect twist on salsa to make for for all your summer gatherings! With the temperatures soaring, sometimes it's nice to take a break from cooking and have some cold and refreshing dishes, and what better to enjoy than watermelon salsa? This is one twist on salsa or pico de … [Read More...]

5 ingredient raw honey and goat cheese appetizer from @sweetphi

5 Ingredient Raw Honey and Goat Cheese Appetizer

If you're ever looking for a super quick and easy appetizer that is incredibly delicious, look no further than this 5 ingredient raw honey and goat cheese appetizer. The flavors go so well together - sweet notes from apricot jam melds perfectly with the smooth and creamy goat cheese which is then topped with raw honey and is … [Read More...]

Steak and roasted veggie bowls from @sweetphi

Steak and Roasted Vegetable Bowls

In this bowl of deliciousness steak and roasted veggies all sit atop a bed of brown rice, for a delicious gluten free dinner of steak and roasted vegetable bowls! Are there songs, playlist, jams, that really get you in the cooking mood? After a loooong day at work, I got home and seemingly the last thing I wanted to do … [Read More...]