Sweet Sundays: Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Every year the same thing happens: I randomly buy plants with no rime or reason, and end up not liking the way things turn out (besides veggies, anytime I get a little harvest, I get super excited!)

The desire to do things differently in the garden started when I posted New Year, New You where I resolved to focus on getting more from our garden.

So this year, I started by planning everything out-I drew a little sketch with each place I wanted to plant things and made a list of what I wanted to plant, and only after doing this went to the gardening store.

After getting home, I set to work, and had a little helper:

Gardening helper

Just look at that face! So, for this weeks Sweet Sunday, I thought I’d share Gardening Tips that will help you maximize your harvest or garden beauty, and minimize your time:

  • Draw a sketch of the area (or planter pot) you want to garden
  • Make a list of what you want to plant with the space you have
  • Where possible, choose to plant perennials vs. annuals so that you’ll have pants coming back year after year
  • Set the plants you purchased in the spot where you want to plant them before digging, then take a step back and make sure you like the way it looks, then start digging.
  • To get the optimal soil for plant growth, sprinkle organic top soil or compost on the ground, then dig a hole, mixing the dirt and top soil, plant the plant in the hole, then pat mixed dirt around the top on the plant.
  • After you are done planting, water the garden to make sure the soil and plants get water after being planted.
  • To suppress weeds,  lay down a layer of mulch on top of the soil.
  • To maximize your yield with pants like herbs, make sure you keep trimming them so they keep growing.

Here’s to a great gardening season! Do you have any tips and tricks that work for you?


  1. Andrea Rentea says

    Thanks to this beautiful presentation on how to do it, rather than think about it, I will start today with your recommendations. They are very, practical and helpful. THANK YOU

    • says

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment, totally made my day :) Hope the tips help you as much as they helped me, and I hope you have a beautiful garden this year!!

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