Easy 5 Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This super easy 5 ingredient Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe is the only one you’ll need for Thanksgiving and will have all your guests going for seconds.

Easy 5 ingredient Thanksgiving pumpkin pie from @sweetphi

I’ve had pumpkin pie on the brain for a while now. In fact, for Halloween last year I went as a pumpkin and my husband went as the math symbol ‘pi’ … get it…pumpkin pie! So clearly it’s been on my mind. I’m all about Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie.

5 ingredient pumpkin pie ingredients from @sweetphi

With Thanksgiving right around the corner just the thought of spending hours upon hours making pumpkin pie was causing me some stress, so I wanted to simplify it…because Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

Easy 5 ingredient thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe from @sweetphi

But the thing is, homemade pie is just SO much better than store bought pie, it just is. Plus there’s some pride that comes along with making homemade pie!

5 ingredient pumpkin pie recipe from @sweepthi

So I put on my Five Ingredient Friday thinking cap and set out to make a 5 ingredient pumpkin pie and am happy to say I have perfected the 5 ingredient pumpkin pie! It’s smooth and silky and is just plain ‘ole delicious pumpkin pie!

5 ingredient thanksgiving pumpkin pie from @sweepthi

Super Easy 5 Ingredient Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 pie-8 pieces
  • 1 can (15 oz.) pumpkin puree
  • 1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1½ tablespoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 - 9 inch deep dish frozen pie crust
  1. Preheat oven to 450.
  2. In a large bowl combine pumpkin puree, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, and pumpkin pie spice. Mix with a hand mixer or mix very well with a spoon.
  3. Pour mixture into pie crust.
  4. Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce heat on the oven to 350 and continue baking the pie for 35 minutes. Turn off heat and let the pie sit in the oven for 5 minutes, then remove from the oven (the pie filling will have puffed up, it will slowly settle back down) and allow to cool completely (2 hours-overnight). I like to make the pie the day before and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.
I like to serve my pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip cream and I sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice over the whipped cream.
Need some ideas for Thanksgiving menu items? I’ve got you covered, here is my Thanksgiving menu:

Starters and Appetizers:

Mains and Sides:

Dessert & Cocktails:

  • This pumpkin pie – recipe below!
  • Any vegan guests? These squash cakes with coconut whipped cream are sooo good, I’m not vegan but I make these and enjoy them on Thanksgiving every year!
  • Cranberry cosmopolitans, the perfect cocktail for your Thanksgiving celebration or
  • This easy sangria – it just goes so well with Thanksgiving flavors!

Morning after Thanksgiving:

  • This Thanksgiving leftovers stuffing eggs benedict from Order in the Kitchen – please excuse me during Thanksgiving if you see me stealing stuffing for leftovers, I just NEED to make this
  • 5 ingredient French toast casserole – this is always a staple for when friends and family are in town and has been made by multiple readers with rave reviews!
  • And this pumpkin pie…this super easy 5 ingredient pumpkin pie, it’s perfect for breakfast – my hubby told me it’s his favorite Thanksgiving leftover the next day!

Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe from @sweetphi

So now that you know what my Thanksgiving menu looks like, I’d love to know what’s on yours?

Do you make any SweetPhi recipes? I’d love for you to submit them to Reader Recreations or let me follow along on social media by including the hashtag #sweetphiblog

Super easy 5 ingredient thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe from @sweetphi

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  • Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I love how easy this is to make! I have never even eaten pumpkin pie before, but I really need to.

    • Sweetphi

      Wait…hold the phone…you have never eaten pumpkin pie?! You must try this one, I think you’ll absolutely love it – it’s super easy and suuuuper delicious! I know pumpkin pie is more of an American thing, but I really do think you’d enjoy it 😉

  • cheri

    Hi Phi, I love the new look of your site and this pumpkin pie, one of my favorites.

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you so much for Cheri! The site was a long time in the making, so I’m really happy it is on its way to being complete! And this pumpkin pie…it is SO good and such an easy recipe 🙂

  • Little Cooking Tips

    We totally get why this recipe will be replicated by thousands of Americans in this Thanksgiving:) So simple and delicious AND makes your life a lot easier! Is there a substitute for pumpkin puree Phi? Can you mash some fresh pumpkin and cook this, or this doesn’t work?
    Thank you for another yummy idea!

    • Sweetphi

      Pumpkin pie is such a staple for Thanksgiving, and here’s to hoping this recipe is replicated by thousands because it truly is simple, delicious, and makes life so much easier 😉 Yes, there is definitely a substitute for the pumpkin puree, you could make your own from fresh a fresh pumpkin. I’ve found what is easiest is to cut a small pumpkin in half, remove the seeds and innards, then cut the halves in half and microwave until soft and you can easily turn them into a puree – I’ve found microwaving it is the best way because it takes one fourth of the time of roasting it. I’ve also make this pie with squash puree (either a butternut or acorn squash work great)!

  • Sarah

    OK your pie looks divine! Great photography 🙂

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you so much Sarah, I appreciate the compliment 🙂

  • Mary

    Thank you Phi! I just licked the spoon after putting the pie in the oven, delicious! Can’t wait to enjoy this tonight!

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you so much for the comment Mary, did you guys love it? My mom and I made this 5 ingredient pie too 😉

      • Mary

        So yummy and easy I made this again this year!

        • Sweetphi

          Mary, your comment totally made my day! Thank you so much for sharing that you like the recipe. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  • Little Cooking Tips

    Yummy! We don’t have the pumpkin puree (as well) here, but we do have pumpkins so we can definitely make some at home. What does the pumpkin spice contain mainly Phi? Is it something like nutmeg-cinnamon-cloves? An apple-pie style spice mix?
    Wonderful recipe, perfect for the busy days of Thanksgiving. Since we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, we can definitely use this during the Xmas Holidays;)
    Great job (once again)!
    Have an amazing weekend,
    Panos and Mirella

    • Barb Link

      Pumpkin Pie spice can be substituted by: 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg, 1/4 tsp ground ginger, and 1/8 tsp cloves. Some also add in 1/8 tsp ground allspice. This will make enough for one pie. Happy baking!

      • Sweetphi

        Thank you for answering that question Barb 🙂

    • Sweetphi

      I always forget that Thanksgiving is such a US holiday, lol. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, pumpkin pie is great for any season 🙂

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