1 Year Cookbook Anniversary!

I honestly never thought I’d be typing the words ‘1 year cookbook anniversary’ as the title for a post. Even a year after my cookbook went on sale, it is all still so incredible to me!

1 year cookbook anniversary - Sweetphi cookbook - Fast and Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes cookbookMy cookbook Fast and Easy Five Ingredient Recipes: A Cookbook For Busy People is something I am super proud of. The cookbook was something I wanted to put out into the world, and the story of how it all came together still gives me goosebumps (right before I was about to self publish, a publisher came along and it all lined up, you can read more about how it all came to be here and here.)

Fast and Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes,: A cookbook for busy peopleIt was a year ago today that it officially went on sale on Amazon and became available for sale in bookstores. The fact that I can go into a Barnes and Noble and find my cookbook is still so surreal to me.

Even though I wrote every word and tested every recipe in the cookbook, I can tell you it is still like new when I open the pages and make a recipe. I poured my heart and soul into the book, and I use it all the time (I made the vanilla pound cake and topped it with fresh raspberries, and last week I made the sugar cookies for this easy dessert recipe and several dinners including these 5 ingredient slow cooker pork carnitas tacos!)

5 ingredient pound cakeIn fact, I have to say that I used my cookbook before, but now that I’m a mom I use it more than ever…like at least once a week!

We had friends come over this past weekend and they brought their beautiful daughters, and their mom (who is the nicest – she has cooked out of the cookbook and supported me from the beginning) told me that her daughters know me as “the one who wrote the cookbook” – now that is the sweetest thing ever.

If you don’t have a copy yet – it’s on sale on Amazon for $14.59!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all for your support. Without you, the cookbook would not be what it is. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. love when you tag me on Instagram or use the #sweetphicookbook hashtag.


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  • Amy

    I”ve recently caved and started buying cookbooks – I didn’t want to start accumulating books – but let’s face it, I’m #cookbookobsessed! Just ordered your book (finally) online. Can’t wait to make some easy 5 ingredient recipes – and will definitely be sharing on Instagram and Twitter – it’s what people want, fast, easy, and convenient! Congrats again on your beautiful baby 🙂

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you so much Amy!! I too am cookbook obsessed, I literally have a whole cookbook bookshelf, and I even go through them and pair them down lol. Can’t wait to hear (and see) what you think 🙂 Thank you for all your support!

  • Sues

    Happy cookbook-versary!! This is so awesome and you should be so proud! And I LOVE that you use your own cookbook 🙂

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you SO MUCH Sues, I really appreciate the support and your comments!!!!

  • Little Cooking Tips

    Your cookbook was one of the best news we heard last year. Because you deserved to be published. Because you’re a sweet and talented person Phi. Happy Anniversary for the book, keep making our lives richer through your wonderful work!:)

    • Sweetphi

      AWWWW wow ,thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comment and your continuous support, your comments really make my day 🙂

  • Jess

    I love your cookbook! I always get compliments when I share the dishes I make and encourage them to get a copy of your cookbook! A lot has happened in one year my friend – congratulations on your one year anniversary!

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  • […] I’ve also really really been cooking from my cookbook a lot. Like my brain is just blank, and I have the book on the counter and it will give me ideas, it’s like I wrote the book for me now lol. ALSO – how cool is this? It was featured on a Buzzfeed list of 23 Easy AF Cookbooks Anyone Who’s Bad At Cooking Should Own! It’s really neat that it was featured, because the cookbook just celebrated its 1 year anniversary. […]

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