5 Things I Buy on Black Friday Every Year

It’s one of those days – some people love it and some people loathe it.  Black Friday.  While I’m not necessarily going to camp out in front of Best Buy in sub-zero temperatures, there are a few things that I make sure to get a deal on every year, so today I’m going to share with you the 5 things I buy on Black Friday every year!

5 things I buy on black Friday every yearThe first thing I must always get on Black Friday is a Ralph Lauren comforter from Macy’s.  Nick and I love these comforters – they are amazingly fluffy, soft and cozy.  The problem is, our dear Clover loves them too!  She always burrows in between us at night – case in point this picture – she gets the most bedding of everyone lol.

Most comfortable comforterBut the real problem is that she likes to make a little nest for herself and then ends up tearing a hole in our comforters.  In fact, there is already a hole in our current comforter so it’s time for a new one ASAP (I buy three of this exact one every year on black Friday in whatever colors they have, and then have them throughout the year! A bonus is that guests rave about staying at our house because of our comfy bedding!)

My next favorite items to be on the lookout for are Big Ticket Items that are on a major sale – camera lenses, kitchen appliances etc.  These type of items are worth the trip our amongst the crowds.  You can save upwards of $100 if you find the right sale, so Black Friday is a perfect day to buy these things. I’ve found that Macy’s has awesome prices on KitchenAid stand mixers on black Friday.

5 things I buy on black Friday every yearLastly, I love to look for personal things I need around the house.  Nothing special –  household items that I never like to spend money on; a new small piece of furniture, lighting, art.

On Thanksgiving, after everyone is full of delicious food, it’s kind of become a silly tradition that a group of us sort through all of the piles of Black Friday ads.  Some of it is for pure entertainment, but some of it is serious bargain hunting!

Before I send you on your way, I’ll leave you with my best Black Friday tip:  Don’t use Black Friday as a day to purchase Christmas Gifts.  There are typically restrictions on sale items that make it difficult for someone to return.  Instead, think of those everyday things that you can save big bucks on!

What do you like to buy on Black Friday?  Or would you much prefer to stay in your house and hide from all of the crowds!?

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