7 of the best teething toys for babies

Teething is no joke! Your happy smiley baby will try putting everything in their mouth and turn into a not so happy baby. After spending hundreds of dollars on everything under the sun, I’m rounding up my favorite: 7 of the best teething toys for babies.

7 best teething toys for babiesBen is now 7 months old, and has two little teeth (as you can see in the above picture).

I have a sinking suspicion that he is sprouting some more teeth very soon.

Teething is no joke. Your baby will drool like it’s going out of style. One day, I’m pretty sure I went through 8 bibs (I love these ones with a little teething thing), one an hour (they come off during naps).

When Ben started teething, I went to the store and bought pretty much every single thing I could find that said ‘teething’ on it.

Some were really not that great: for example, this one gel filled beads looking thing, I was weary of it, and the day after we bought it I ended up throwing it away because it had leaked!

Or, we got this fancy felt-and-wood teething toy, and after about a week of use, I noticed the wood was splintering! I definitely didn’t want him playing with that!

7 best teething toys for baby, baby teething toys, what to get for teething babiesSo here are my favorite ones, the 7 best teething toys:

  1. Nuby Teethe-eez Teether – this is probably Ben’s favorite teething toy. It comes with a nice case so you can take it around with you and it’s more sanitary, and you can put it in the freezer/fridge and it gets nice and cold and feels good on baby’s gums. Bonus for parents, it’s $4.99 so in case it gets lost, it’s not too bad to replace.
  2. Alvin the Elephant Snuggly Puppet (or you could get Meiya the Mouse) – I received this as a baby shower gift and now take it everywhere with us in the diaper bag. It’s a cute little snuggly puppet, and the ears and trunk are great for chewing.
  3. SweetTooth Ice Cream Cone Teether – not only is this thing adorable to look at, but the shape is great for babies to put into their mouth. Ben loves cylinder type things, for example, sometimes he’ll grab a tube of cream and try to eat the top cap lol, so I give him this teether. It’s really cute when they’re holding it and putting it in their mouth like an ice cream cone.
  4. Little Toadler Waah’ffle Teether – you guys, my mother in law gave me this at my baby shower, and it made me laugh. Now that Ben is teething, he loves this one. It has little grooves like a waffle, and the shape is just perfect.
  5. Sophie The Giraffe – pretty much everyone has heard of Sophie the giraffe as a teether, right? I don’t know why we didn’t have one, but my husband actually bought her and yup, happy to report she’s awesome. Her long legs make for awesome teething material, so does her head lol.
  6. Coffee Cup Teether – we were gifted this one because someone who knows me very well knows I love Starbucks and coffee, so this one was more of a funny gift. But he loves it. The top has a rattle part, so when he shakes it it makes a sound, and he loves to bite the edges. Another fun one to look at too.
  7. Fresh Food Teethers – I was told about these from my sister-in-law who has a ton of friends with kids. These pouches are kind of neat. So what you do is you put frozen fruit in them, and then baby “chews” or gums it, and the cold is nice on their gums. I put mangos in and then once I put a bunch of frozen berries in and when I looked over, it looked like he was bleeding or something because of the red of the berries. So, if you put berries in there, beware lol.

The last thing is not really a toy, but it’s something that Ben absolutely loves and that I think really helps with teething: Mum Mums teething wafers. They’re rice rusks and he picks them up and gums them, it’s adorable and they seem to really help!

Mum mum teething cracker waferAfter all the trial and error (and sadly, $ spent) I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 7 of the best teething toys for babies.

This post is not sponsored, all opinions are mine alone, these are the products that I love. Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you purchase through the links at no additional cost to you, I might earn a few pennies to buy more teething items for Ben. 

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  • Sarah

    I loved Sofie the Giraffe for my daughter but my 8 month old (also named Ben!) loves the banana toothbrush teether. Frozen washcloths are also a hit!

    • Sweetphi

      Love that your daughter’s name is Ben too 🙂 Thank you for the comment!!

  • Another momma

    We just put ice cubes in the fresh fruit teether and a bib on little dude and he loved it! And way less mess. In the summer, we put a chunk of a fruit popsicle in there and that was a huge hit! Some people also put formula or milk ice cubes in there.

    • Sweetphi

      Omg, I love that idea of just putting in ice cubes, genius! Totally going to try that, because oh my goodness are red berries scary to see the aftermath lol.

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