Easy Dessert Recipe with Pie Peaches

Try this easy dessert recipe with pie peaches for the most summery and delicious treat that everyone will love!

Easy dessert recipe with pie peaches, summer dessert recipeI cannot take credit for this dessert idea. You see, my amazing in-laws were watching Ben last weekend so that Nick and I could go grocery shopping together. Right as we were about to go to checkout, there was a little sampling station that had this weird looking fruit on display.

Recipe with pie peaches, summer dessert with peachesI just pushed the cart right by it, but Nick put a hand on my arm and whispered “you’re going to be mad at yourself if you don’t try that sample” lol. God, I love that man, he knows me so well, I love a good sample!

So I went and tried what they were sampling. It was the simplest and most delicious summer dessert I had ever had.

The sample was for pie peaches (little squat peaches that are slightly sweeter than regular peaches and perfect for making pies) with sugar cookies, a little vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon.

Easy summer dessert recipe with pie peachesYou guys! I cannot convey how incredible and easy this dessert recipe with pie peaches is!!!!

I bought a bunch of the little peaches, and have been serving this dessert to all guests, and let me tell you: everyone is equally in love.

For the sugar cookies you could use store bought sugar cookies, or do what I did: I made the awesome 5 ingredient sugar cookies from my cookbook! Do you know that it’s been a year since my cookbook went on sale? That is so special to me! Next week on the book’s official anniversary, I’m going to do a special post.

Easy summer dessert recipe with pie peachesThis easy dessert recipe with pie peaches tastes like a fun summery version of peach pie a la mode, and is definitely my go to for easy entertaining!

Easy Dessert Recipe with Pie Peaches
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 dessert
  • Per serving:
  • 2 sugar cookies
  • ½ pie peach, sliced
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
  • dash of cinnamon
  • optional: drizzle of honey
  1. Break sugar cookies in half and place in a bowl. Add pie peach slices to the bowl and scoop in vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle cinnamon over vanilla ice cream and enjoy!
Peaches are the perfect addition to any summer dessert and this recipe is no exception

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Showing 5 comments
  • Sues

    I love those peaches and this looks like the most perfect summer dessert!

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you so much – I’ve been serving this non stop because it’s so easy and good for summer!

  • Little Cooking Tips

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! I read this recipe out loud and both of us started salivating lol :):) We call these peaches “doughnut” peaches here, and are usually a bit pinkier than the ones we see in the pics but they must be more-less the same. So sweet and tender, right?
    Honestly can’t wait to try this one out, sitting lazily on our veranda in Evia:):):)
    Thanx so much dear!

    • Sweetphi

      That’s so fun that they’re called “doughnut” peaches, they definitely are super delicious and perfect in this desert for the summer šŸ™‚

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