Milwaukee Cupcake Company

This weekend my older sister (who is also getting married next year) and I went to the Milwaukee Cupcake Company for a wedding cupcake tasting. It was amazing! The cupcakes were all so delicious! Among my favorites were the Salted Caramel (both chocolate and vanilla) and the White Chocolate Raspberry ones. But they were all so good, it was hard to have favorites. They really hooked us up! We had a nice cup of coffee with all the amazing cupcakes-check out their website for different flavors-and look at the beautiful assortment we tried below.

The owner, Deb, was so nice, friendly, and we just got that ‘cool person vibe’ from her. I would highly suggest going here to pick up some cupcakes for any occasion, or just for some sweets to have on the weekend.

Assortment of cupcakes we tried at the Milwaukee Cupcake Company

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