Snow snow snow

Fun in the snow

We have been *blessed* with a lot of snow here in Milwaukee this winter. How much snow you ask? Well, apparently 46 Cumulative Inches, and I suspect that number will increase by the time I finish writing this post (it is snowing as I type). Now, if you’re say, in front of a fire, with a hot cocoa in the Northwoods of WI that might be nice, but if you’re driving in said snow (and those around you, yes, you the guy on your cell phone barreling down the unplowed highway at 50 mph making it unsafe for everyone around you) it is not that great.

My message to you Mr. Snow … I’m over you!

So after being afraid I might not make it home in one piece, I come home only to be greeted by the sweetest little face and took some pictures I just had to share. There was snow everywhere-it was so bright and beautiful!  Clover (canine model in the above photos) was clearly too posh to look at the camera, but she did sit pretty for me…I might just have to make her a batch of homemade dog treats.

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  • Rita

    Love the article and the pis of Clover

    • Rita

      I am sorry Phi t suppose to say pics of Clover—I am so sorrtu

      • Sweetphi

        Awe thank you for the comments Rita- I knew what you were saying 🙂 And she is so cute, I just love her little face!

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