Sweet Sundays: 10 Ideas for a Girls Night In


For this week’s Sweet Sunday I’m sharing 10 Ideas for a Girls Night In, I mean, let’s be real…what girl doesn’t love a Girls Night In? For this post I’ve teamed up with one my girlfriends, Wendy, who is just starting out in this awesome blogging world, and whose blog Glitter Wits and Grits you should definitely go check out!

  1. DIY Projects – Do-It-Yourself projects are perfect for a Girls Night In, that way you can struggle through the project together and have memories of creating something fun (DIY Card Binder – Instructions here)
  2. Painting Nails – My nails never looked better than when I had a regular girls night, here are our favorite colors (Phi = Essie Berry Naughty, Wendy = Essie Fiji)
  3. Make a Cocktail or Drink – What could be better than enjoying a fun cocktail with your girlfriend? Try these Pink Mimosas and add a fun accessory like these Straws
  4. Make Cupcakes – Wendy always made these amazingly delicious Skinny Cupcakes. Here’s how:
    *1 can of soda (you can also use diet soda but there is controversy over heating up diet soda due to the aspartame.) I also love LaCroix (carbonated flavored water) in mine. The Peach-Pear is my favorite and gives it a great taste too!
    *1/4 cup applesauce as a bonding and moisture agent in the mix. Otherwise it may come out sticky or crumbly.
    *1 box of cake mix
    Some pairing ideas:
    Dr Pepper with Red Velvet mix
    Coca Cola with chocolate
    Sprite OR LaCroix with any flavor comes out delish!
  5. Watch a movie or show – watch the classic girls night oh-so-funny movie Bridesmaids
  6. Magazines – we used to read all sorts of trashy girly magazines. To name a few: US Weekly, Life & Style,  People & Cosmo
  7. Trying new makeup and products — a great way to do this by subscribing to Birchbox which is where you get new beauty product samples monthly and then trying them at your girls night!
  8. Popcorn & snacks – You gotta have snacks if you’re going to be a good host! (Phi’s favorite = Chicago Mix popcorn or Pirate Booty cause I could eat a whole bag of that stuff lol and Wendy’s favorite is flatbread pizzas made out of pita bread with 2% mozzarella and turkey pepperonis.)
  9.  PostalPix App – Download the PostalPix app that lets one print photos from iphone and Android, super affordable prices and very cute, and of course there have to be pictures of girls night! They also have super cute DIY inspiration on their blog
  10. Dinner (a Salad or something healthy of course, because what girl isn’t on a diet? lol. Phi’s favorite salad = a bag of hearts of romain or whatever and then these Gardein Seven Grain Tenders-they are vegetarian but SO freaking good,  dressed with this Caesar salad yogurt dressing. Wendy’s favorite = Publix brand ‘baby kale salad kit’. It is so good! She adds carrots, eggs and balsamic dressing.

Wendy and I met when we both lived in North Carolina, we became instant friends and would have the most amazing weekly ‘date nights’ (we were both single at the time so that seemed fitting) where we’d paint our nails, cook dinner, have mimosas and watch The Office.  She always had the best DIY projects we’d do and knew all the latest and greatest beauty tips and tricks (that actually worked) and our nights were full of laughs. Ever laugh so hard you cry?  That was the norm,  who cares what looks we got!

Fast forward a few years, we both moved and I was getting married and she was of course in my wedding party and advised me on all things beauty product and hair related. She even did my hair for the wedding which led to a memory I will never forget.

I have always had short hair, but decided it would be a good idea to grow my hair out for the wedding, and on top of that, I wanted extensions. Wendy humored me .  Day of the wedding, we’re getting ready and we name the weave ‘Wanda.’ We prepped and put Wanda in my hair and everything went perfectly, until we were taking pictures and it was super windy. My veil flew off and fell into Lake Michigan, and I turned to Wendy and said ‘at least it wasn’t Wanda’ at which point several of the groomsmen were going to jump into the lake and retrieve my veil because they thought I had named it. It was really funny to us at the time, and we still laugh about Wanda (which no one besides us knew was the weave). I miss those days, and her, ALL the time, but at least now we can be blogging buddies, so, show her some love over at Glitter, Wits and Grits!!

Philia-Rentea- Kelnhofer

Love that awkward arm pose wedding photo-it’s even hanging in my office!

Disclaimer: please note that some of the above links are affiliate links and if you purchase through the links at no cost to you, Wendy or I may earn pennies or points.  Thanks for supporting brands or products we love. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  • cheri

    Great post Sweetphi, like the Wanda story.

    • Sweetphi

      Haha thanks for commenting Cheri! That story always cracks me up too!

  • Courtney @ Neighborfood

    Love this! I just found your blog via Girl Versus Dough. I’m actually on the hunt for some girl’s night ideas so this worked out perfectly. I’m pinning to my Galentine’s Day board too!

    • Sweetphi

      Thanks for the super sweet comment Courtney-so glad you like the girls night ideas, they’re really fun (I’d like to have a girls night right about now 🙂 )! I love hearing how people find my blog (and love Stephanie’s blog) so thank you for sharing that!

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