Sweetphi’s Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway


Anyone remember Oprah’s Favorite Things? I used to wait in anticipation for it ever year (and love the magazine overviews now), so for this months’ giveaway I’m following the great Oprah’s lead and giving away some of my favorite things! And since my birthday is in March and I’m all about birthdays, I’m calling it Sweetphi’s Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway. To enter simply tell me what your favorite Birthday present EVER has been and then fill out the widget so I know you entered.

Here is what one lucky winner will receive:

  1. Paper & Clover – I have a slight love obsession for paper and stationary, I may even have a collection and dedicated paper shelf and I’m ok with that! I also have an adorable dog named Clover, so what could be better than a cute stationary set with a clover on it? Click here to see pictures of the pup.
  2. $15 Starbucks Gift Card- Need I say more? I love their coffee, extravagant drinks and delicious pastries!
  3. True Life Sea Salt and Pepper – I use this amazing Sea Salt on everything! It’s such a great tasting herby-salt blend, click here for my recipe for Sour Cream and Chive Fries that I used this salt in (and even though I work at True Botanica I purchased these items for you because of how much I love them!)
  4. Lemon Extract – I feel like everything is better with a dash of lemon and have a slight panic when I don’t have a lemon in the house, and since I didn’t want to send someone a lemon in the mail, I thought the next best thing is this fancy extract.
  5. Kitchen Towel – I love pretty kitchen towels, this one even has measurements and conversions so it’s not only super cute but super useful when you’re in the kitchen.
  6. Boswellia Lip Balm – I don’t think there’s one thing I apply more on a daily basis than this truly amazing Lip Balm. It has a yummy Vanilla flavor and keeps your lips super soft (this is another True Botanica product I purchased for the giveaway).

To enter simply comment and let me know what your favorite birthday present EVER has been, and then fill out the giveaway widget below!
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  • Brittany Koelmel

    Getting a gamecube was pretty amazing hahaha

  • Catladyruns

    My husband (bf at the time) took me to Epcot for my 20th birthday. That was pretty great!

  • Kitty Iecvan

    My favorite gift was a pearl bracelet from my parents.

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