Top 10 Five Ingredient Friday Recipes of 2014

With the nature of blogs and everything constantly changing and being updated with new content, it is hard for everyone (including me) to remember what was posted when. And while I shared with you my highlights and failures of 2014, I also thought I’d share with you the top 10 Five Ingredient Friday recipes that you, the amazing readers of the Sweetphi blog liked.


  1. Sea Salt Turtle Cups -I’ve made these about 5 times this holiday season, they’re such an easy candy to make. I made them for my husbands work holiday party and he brought back empty tins!
  2. Loaded Tater Tots – Perfect for a game day appetizer
  3. Stovetop Mac and Cheese – Super easy and kid approved, this is my go-to mac and cheese recipe (one amazing reader even posted a picture of her making this recipe here). A little p.s., to this comment, if you ever make a Sweetphi blog recipe and share it on social media I follow the hashtag #Sweetphiblog and I’d love to see your creations! Or you can always email me at
  4. Homemade Ketchup – Do you know how easy homemade ketchup is? 5 ingredients and you’re all set. It doesn’t contain any chemicals and is my favorite way to eat ketchup now.
  5. Leek Stuffed Baked Potatoes – If you ever need a side dish or a vegetarian dinner, THIS should be your go-to! My husband has requested these many times to go with our chicken or steak.
  6. Super Simple 5 Ingredient Turkey – Yes, it is possible to create an amazingly delicious turkey without a bazillion ingredients. This was a very big hit with readers and I can see why, it’s my favorite way to make turkey!
  7. The Nutcracker Cocktail – Although I made this as a ‘Christmasy’ cocktail, I will be making this throughout the year. It’s a super delicious cocktail.
  8. White Bean & Artichoke Dip – Need a dip that will be a huge hit at parties? Try this white bean and artichoke dip! I was told I was someones’ new bff because I brought this dip along. AND when I was running late once, my husband even made this dish step by step and we brought it to a party (not to say he isn’t a great cook, because I mean, he DID make these sweet potato chips)
  9. Overnight Vanilla Oats – This is my healthy breakfast savior….whenever I need to ‘reset’ my diet I always make this for breakfast (like how I’ll need to do a giaaaant reset for 2015? yeah, I’ll be making a lot of these)
  10. Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers – Even though this is a new post, it received a ton of views putting in right up there in the top 10, and I can tell you why…these homemade crackers taste second to none. They’re seriously easy to make and taste soooo good, plus, it’s just flat out impressive if you make your own crackers (the dough from the crackers is pictured above)!

Those are the top 10 most viewed recipes of the Five Ingredient Friday series (don’t forget you can get the Five Ingredient Friday Favorites free ecookbook by joining my enewsletter).Other recipes that are not part of the Five Ingredient Friday series that received a lot of views were:

  • Tali Sauce – The Whole Bowl – this recipe is definitely one of my number one most viewed and the one I get the nicest feedback on. Once you try the dish, you’ll know why. It really is like eating a ‘hug in a bowl’
  • Dark and Stormy Oatmeal Cream Pies – my husband guest posted on this one, and it has quickly become a top viewed post, there’s something about having cookies that remind one of being a kid while having an adult twist that is just super special. I’m making these again for a round-robin party next week.
  • Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned Sour – another one my husband helped me with…I’m liking this trend, hopefully we’ll get to see more of his guest posting in 2015
  • Triple Chocolate Oreo Cookies – need I say more? They’re amazing!

Did your favorites make the list? I’d love to know!

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  • cheryl crain

    Thank You for all you do, love your blog, Happy New Year!!!!!!

    • Sweetphi

      Thank you so much Cheryl! It’s kind words like yours that keep me inspired in the kitchen! Happy New Year to you!

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