Up North Wisconsin

Up North Wisconsin

Imagine driving north…far far north…and the further you go the more beautiful it becomes! This, my friends, is what happened this past weekend when my husband and I visited his grandparents in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, also known as ‘Up North.’ On the drive up I kept saying ‘look at how pretty everything is!!!!’ Even though it was freezing (literally, it was -10 degrees) being in front of the warm fire and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous surroundings of the Northwoods winter wonderland was spectacular.

‘Great Times Come with The Territory’ is the tagline of the Eagle River town website, and I couldn’t agree more! The highlight of this visit were threefold: blogging in front of the fireplace (ever been curious about starting a blog?), seeing the Eagle River Ice Castle, and having Friday Fish Fry from Pitliks Sand Lake Resort (it is my favorite Fish Fry that I’ve had).

The Ice Castle was truly a beautiful sight! The Eagle River Ice Castle has been constructed annually since the late 1920s by the Eagle River and Fire Department and local area volunteers. It takes more than 700 ‘man hours’ and is made out of close to 3000 individually cut ice blocks! Even thought we only saw it during the day, we heard that it gets lit up at night. While we were standing in front of the Ice Castle my husband played the ‘Let It Go‘ song from Frozen … it was pretty spectacular and I felt like Princess Elsa (never mind looks from passing my snowmobiles)!

Frozen Ice castle

Image Source {Designbolts.com}

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